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Hwajein Co.,Ltd.

Hwajein Co.,Ltd.
  • Representative
    Miho Cho
  • Business Inquiries
    Dohwa Hong
  • Address
    2F, 64 Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-010, Korea
  • Phone
    82 2 544 6377
  • Fax
    82 2 544 9377
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Hwajein Co.,Ltd.

Design Your Story! We design your story.

Hwajein which means ‘people who design stories’ will create touching one-of-a-kind stories by serving the communities we are ‘part of’ whether it be a group of individuals, businesses, or a nation.
Hwajein meets people with services such as international conference planning that opens tables for discussion where professionals can catch emerging global trends, dispute their own future prospects and insights and suggest a national strategy for the prosperous future.
We also meets customers with meaningful and touching services including nation-wide campaigns promoting an agenda for national development, academic conferences discussing professional subjects and corporate promotions commemorating precious history and memory of corporations.
Hwajein is not fettered by the boundaries of stereo types.
Hwajein designs and provides touching stories and rejoice that ties up customers, staffs and participants altogether with unlimited ideas and overflowing creativity.