Your Complete Convention City



1>The Miracle on the Han River

Offers visitors the opportunity to see how rapidly Seoul has developed in the past fifty years by contrasting past and present at various locations along the river dividing the city into its historic northern side and ultramodern southern district.

  • The Miracle on the Han River 1/4
  • The Miracle on the Han River 2/4
  • The Miracle on the Han River 3/4
  • The Miracle on the Han River 4/4
  • Course
    Guro Workers’ Way of Life Experience CenterSamsung d’light (Samsung Electronics product exhibition center)Cheonggyecheon (Stream)Hangang River Dinner Buffet Cruise
  • Duration
    8 hours

2>Sustainable Energy

Looks at Seoul’s successful efforts at energy conservation for future generations, with visits to the city’s major energy facilities, public information centers, and areas showing how the city is working to create a balance between humans and their environment.

  • Sustainable Energy 1/4
  • Sustainable Energy 2/4
  • Sustainable Energy 3/4
  • Sustainable Energy 4/4
  • Course
    Seoul Energy Dream CenterNanjido StoryMapo Resource Recovery FacilityKorea District Heating Corporation
  • Duration
    8 hours

3>Seoul on the Move

Introduces Seoul’s cutting-edge transportation system – usage of which is actively encouraged by the city - and the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s commitment to public welfare at a time of high oil prices.

  • Seoul on the Move 1/4
  • Seoul on the Move 2/4
  • Seoul on the Move 3/4
  • Seoul on the Move 4/4
  • Course
    Seoul Transport Operation & Information Service (TOPIS)Seoul Metro DepotGangnam-daero Median Bus lane
  • Duration
    8 hours

4>IT Industry Tour

Explores the future of everyday communications technology via Seoul’s top industry providers, with visits to the brand exhibition centers of KT, SK Telecom, and Samsung, local leaders in the field.

  • IT Industry Tour 1/4
  • IT Industry Tour 2/4
  • IT Industry Tour 3/4
  • IT Industry Tour 4/4
  • Course
    KT Olleh SquareSK T.umSamsung d’light
  • Duration
    7 hours

5>Seoul on Screen

A close-up look at Korea’s cultural content industry with a focus on video archiving, broadcasting, and the broad-spectrum applications of digital video content actively in use across Seoul today.

  • Seoul on Screen 1/4
  • Seoul on Screen 2/4
  • Seoul on Screen 3/4
  • Seoul on Screen 4/4
  • Course
    Korean Film ArchiveKBS OnLG CNS
  • Duration
    7 hours

6>Centers of Finance

This introduction to Korea’s financial centers and monetary history includes a hands-on experience of the Korean stock market in the Yeouido International Finance District and a visit to the Korea Exchange Promotion Center.

  • Centers of Finance 1/4
  • Centers of Finance 2/4
  • Centers of Finance 3/4
  • Centers of Finance 4/4
  • Course
    Financial Supervisory Service (Finance Space)Korea Exchange Promotion Center
  • Duration
    7 hours

7>Multi-sector Success Stories

This multifaceted tour is designed to show participants some of the key ways in which the public and private sector combine to create everyday world solutions in the 21st Century, while also carefully preserving the solutions of the past that now form part of the nation’s cultural collective.

  • Multi-sector Success Stories 1/4
  • Multi-sector Success Stories 2/4
  • Multi-sector Success Stories 3/4
  • Multi-sector Success Stories 4/4
  • Course
    National Museum of KoreaSeoul Transport Operation & Information Service (TOPIS)Samsung d’light
  • Duration
    8 hours

8>Architectural Seoul

Some of Seoul’s most famous tourist attractions both ancient and modern are explored in this cultural tour, including royal palaces, picturesque banquet hall mountain retreats, Namsan (Mt), home to hanok (traditional Korean housing) and panoramic views.

  • Architectural Seoul 1/4
  • Architectural Seoul 2/4
  • Architectural Seoul 3/4
  • Architectural Seoul 4/4
  • Course
    Gyeongbokgung (Palace)Jogyesa (Temple)Samcheonggak (Includes lunch of traditional Korean cuisine)Namsan Hanok Village (Taekwondo demonstration)N Seoul Tower
  • Duration
    8 hours

9>Arts & Culture

An alternative selection of Seoul’s most famous tourist attractions both ancient and modern, including a still-surviving traditional Korean housing district, the nation’s most famous nonverbal comedy show, the new home of Korean design, and more.

  • Arts & Culture 1/4
  • Arts & Culture 2/4
  • Arts & Culture 3/4
  • Arts & Culture 4/4
  • Course
    Bukchon Hanok VillageJogyesa (Temple)Lee Gi-tae Traditional Kite WorkshopDongdaemun Design Plaza (Gansong Art Museum)NANTA (performance)Seoul Marina Club & Yacht
  • Duration
    8 hours

1>Afternoon Tea in the Joseon Kingdom

Enjoy a cultural experience for both mind and body in this unique tour that takes participants back to the time of Joseon (1392-1910), Korea’s last ruling dynasty. Take afternoon tea at Seoul’s exclusive Korea Furniture Museum, which exhibits some 2,000 pieces of Joseon-era furniture, followed by a performance of Miso: Baebijangjeon, a Joseon folk fairytale blending lively music and dance.

  • Afternoon Tea in the Joseon Kingdom 1/4
  • Afternoon Tea in the Joseon Kingdom 2/4
  • Afternoon Tea in the Joseon Kingdom 3/4
  • Afternoon Tea in the Joseon Kingdom 4/4
  • Course
    Korea Furniture Museum (afternoon tea)Gilsangsa (Temple)Miso (live nonverbal traditional Korean show at Jeongdong Theater)
  • Duration
    4 hours

2>Ancient & Modern Seoul

See six hundred years of progress in just half a day in this exciting tour of Seoul past and present. This itinerary will appeal especi- ally to hallyu (Korean popular culture) fans as well as those interested in exploring some of Korea’s UNESCO World Heritage sites.

  • Ancient & Modern Seoul 1/4
  • Ancient & Modern Seoul 2/4
  • Ancient & Modern Seoul 3/4
  • Ancient & Modern Seoul 4/4
  • Course
    Changdeokgung (Palace)Jogyesa (Temple)Klive (Holographic K-pop performance theatre)
  • Duration
    5 hours

3>Shopper’s Paradise

Designed to show participants Seoul’s diverse shopping areas and options, this course stops at Namdaemun traditional market, the Myeong-dong shopping area, and Samcheong-dong’s Café Street, the latter an increasingly popular tourist location in recent years.

  • Shopper’s Paradise 1/4
  • Shopper’s Paradise 2/4
  • Shopper’s Paradise 3/4
  • Shopper’s Paradise 4/4
  • Course
    Namdaemun MarketMyeong-dong Shopping AreaSamcheong-dong Café Street
  • Duration
    6 hours

4>Gangnam Style

Discover the district that inspired the famous pop song! Go luxury shopping, stroll down Gangnam’s trendy café streets, catch the lights of the world’s longest bridge fountain, and dance the night away at Seoul’s most exclusive clubs.

  • Gangnam Style 1/4
  • Gangnam Style 2/4
  • Gangnam Style 3/4
  • Gangnam Style 4/4
  • Course
    Garosu-gil Café StreetCheongdam-dong (shopping)Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain (Some Sevit)Club Answer (The Octagon Club)
  • Duration
    6 hours

5>Enlightening Seoul

Experience reality on a different plane of existence at a Korean Buddhist temple while learning the ways of the monks who maintain this ancient ideology of inner peace and asceticism.

  • Enlightening Seoul 1/4
  • Enlightening Seoul 2/4
  • Enlightening Seoul 3/4
  • Enlightening Seoul 4/4
  • Course
    Tea ceremony and calligraphy at Jingwansa or Bongeunsa (Temple)
  • Duration
    4 hours

1>Namsan by Night

Originally marking the southern border of the city, Namsan (Mt) today stands at the center of modern Seoul, its shining N Seoul Tower both a local landmark and a symbol of the city’s progress. Along Namsan’s slopes can also be found cultural heritages of yesteryear, making the mountain well worth a visit.

  • Namsan by Night 1/4
  • Namsan by Night 2/4
  • Namsan by Night 3/4
  • Namsan by Night 4/4
  • Course
    Namsan Hanok (traditional Korean housing) VillageDuty Free shoppingN Seoul Tower
  • Duration
    5 hours

2>Vibrant Hongdae Culture

Hongdae is Seoul’s most vibrant alternative youth culture district. At its center is Hongdae University, around which have radiated a network of art galleries, boutiques, clubs, pubs, and restaurants which really come to life at night. Street markets and live musical performances are commonplace.

  • Vibrant Hongdae Culture 1/4
  • Vibrant Hongdae Culture 2/4
  • Vibrant Hongdae Culture 3/4
  • Vibrant Hongdae Culture 4/4
  • Course
    KaraokeSangsangMadang (design shop)Club
  • Duration
    5 hours

3>Traditional Spirits in Downtown Seoul

Seoul is an impressive, modern city by day, but really becomes picture-postcard perfect at night. See Seoul’s glittering city center under lights and even try traditional Korean side dishes and liquor at an authentic old-world bar.

  • Traditional Spirits in Downtown Seoul 1/4
  • Traditional Spirits in Downtown Seoul 2/4
  • Traditional Spirits in Downtown Seoul 3/4
  • Traditional Spirits in Downtown Seoul 4/4
  • Course
    Gwanghwamun SquareNight view of Cheonggyecheon (Stream)Traditional Bars (Jongno/Sejong-ro Street)
  • Duration
    5 hours

4>International Dining & Korean Spas

Seoul’s international quarter offers a little of everything from around the world. Sample cosmopolitan cuisine, then relax your muscles by discovering Korean jjimjilbang culture at Yongsan Dragon Hill Spa, once the location for popular local variety show Running Man.

  • International Dining & Korean Spas 1/4
  • International Dining & Korean Spas 2/4
  • International Dining & Korean Spas 3/4
  • International Dining & Korean Spas 4/4
  • Course
    Itaewon restaurantYongsan Dragon Hill Spa
  • Duration
    4 hours

1>Medical Tourism

Over the past decade, Seoul has gained a global reputation for its first-class medical facilities offering customized solutions for individual needs. Experience some of the best clinics and therapy treatments on this tour and unite mind and body.

  • Medical Tourism 1/4
  • Medical Tourism 2/4
  • Medical Tourism 3/4
  • Medical Tourism 4/4
  • Course
    Chaum Health Systems (personal health diagnosis)Chaum Food Therapy (medical cooking classes)Duty Free Shopping (downtown Seoul)
  • Duration
    8 hours

2>Seoul’s Luxury Showcase

Get the star treatment in this tour, designed to showcase the very finest Seoul has to offer. See the city from above with Seoul’s new helicopter tours, purchase only the best at Lotte Duty Free, explore Garosu-gil, where the nation’s trends are set, and shop with the stars in Cheongdam-dong Luxury Street.

  • Seoul’s Luxury Showcase 1/4
  • Seoul’s Luxury Showcase 2/4
  • Seoul’s Luxury Showcase 3/4
  • Seoul’s Luxury Showcase 4/4
  • Course
    Jamsil HelipadJamsil Department StoreCheong-Kwan-Jang Spa GCheongdam-dong Luxury StreetGarosu-gil Café Street
  • Duration
    8 hours