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Convention Centers

  • COEX

    Everything Under One Roof

    1. Total Area: 106,612m²
    2. No. of Meeting Rooms: 54
    3. From Incheon Int’l Airport: 60min.

    A reliable partner for small and medium enterprises in Seoul

    1. Total area: 15,630m²
    2. No. of Meeting Rooms: 4
    3. From Incheon Int’l Airport: 60min.

Convention Hotels

  • Millennium Seoul Hilton

    The Millennium Seoul Hilton is a super deluxe hotel nestled in the heart of Seoul.

    Millennium Seoul Hilton
    1. Total area: 1,541m²
    2. No. of meeting rooms: 7
    3. Grade: 5 Star
    4. No. of guest rooms: 680
  • The Westin Chosun Seoul

    The Westin Chosun Seoul was mentioned as ‘one of the top 100 hotels in the World.

    The Westin Chosun Seoul
    1. Total Area: 46,833m²
    2. No. of Meeting Rooms: 7
    3. Grade: 5 Star
    4. No. of guest rooms: 462
  • The-K Hotel Seoul

    This resort-like hotel is located at the foot of Mt. Umyeonsan and Citizens’ Grove in Yangjae-dong.

    The-K Hotel Seoul
    1. Total area: 105,000m²
    2. No. of meeting rooms: About 30
    3. Grade: 5 Star
    4. No. of guest rooms: 252
  • Royal Hotel Seoul

    Seoul Royal Hotel is a deluxe hotel located in Myeongdong, the hub of finance and shopping.

    Royal Hotel Seoul
    1. Total area: 20,138m²
    2. No. of meeting rooms: 4
    3. Grade: 4 Star
    4. No. of guest rooms: 306
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