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Convention Centers

  • COEX

    Being Korea's top venue for international Conventions & Exhibitions, COEX is quickly growing in fame--not...

    1. Total area: 106,612m²
    2. No. of meeting rooms: 54
    3. Total exhibition space: 36,077m²
    4. From Incheon Airport: 60 min

    SETEC, a cradle from which businesses can launch into the global market, consists of 3 exhibition halls...

    1. Total area: 15,630m²
    2. No. of meeting rooms: 4
    3. From Incheon Airport: 60 min

Convention Hotels

  • Lotte Hotel World

    This hotel is close to business districts in Gangnam such as Coex, Cheongdam-dong and Apgujeong-dong.

    Lotte Hotel World
    1. Total area(m²): 3481.4
    2. No. of meeting rooms: 14
    3. Grade: Super deluxe
    4. No. of guest rooms: 504
  • The Shilla Seoul

    Hosting numerous state visits and international events, The Shilla Seoul is consistently voted South Korea’s...

    The Shilla Seoul
    1. Total area: 27,733m²
    2. No. of meeting rooms: 13
    3. Grade: SDL
    4. No. of guest rooms: 462
  • Grand Inter-Continental Seoul Parnas

    Grand Intercontinental Seoul is a one-stop business and entertainment destination in the southern part...

    Grand Inter-Continental Seoul Parnas
    1. Total area: 3,688m²
    2. No. of meeting rooms: 14
    3. Grade: Super deluxe
    4. No. of guest rooms: 546
  • Holiday Inn Seongbuk Seoul

    As a member of Inter-Continental Hotel Group, Holiday Inn Seongbuk Seoul proudly presents a modern, Korean-style...

    Holiday Inn Seongbuk Seoul
    1. Total area (m²): 10,262.63m²
    2. No. of meeting rooms: 3
    3. Grade: DLX
    4. No. of guest rooms: 128
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