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700 Yacht Club

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700 Yacht Club


At 700 Yacht Club, you can have a business meeting and enjoy yachting as well. The 700 Yacht Club House offers a variety of modern multimedia facilities for various events such as a business meeting and banquet. In addition, you can work and enjoy thrilling water leisure sports at the same time with a yacht equipped with convenience facilities and spacious salon


  • From Incheon int'l Airport: 40min / 48.718km
  • A subway station: Line #6 Worldcup Stadium Station
  • Nearby Hotels

- Withinin 3km: Best Western Premier Seoul Garden Hotel



Name of Hall Usage Capacity Height(m)
Theater Banquet  Cocktail
2F Deck

Business Meeting, Dinner
Concert, Sunbathing

 150  100 150 outdoor
1F Deck

Barbeque Party

50 50 100 outdoor 
Club Lounge reception, small meeting 50 50  100  


 Major events 

★[2007] LOTTE Department Store's Special Event for VIP Customers, Shinsegae Department Store's

Special Event for VIP Customers, Hyundai Department Store's Special Event for VIP Customers, Concert, etc

★[2008] Bentley Korea Cup Yacht Race, BMW Korea Cup Yacht Race, BVLGARI and ELLE SPORT Launching Show

★[2009] Pieroth Wine Cup Yacht Race, Hyundai Shopping and Magazine Photo Shoot

Special Features

Tour package offers tourists a tasty barbeque buffet with a great view of the Hangang River enjoy the splendid sunset in a yacht has been the most popular. Yachts are often preferred for special events such as marriage proposals