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Grand Ambassador Seoul

[Grand Ambassador Seoul] Grand Ballroom Re-Opening

The Grand Ballroom at the Grand Ambassador Seoul has just finished 5 months of intense renovations, and reopened to our guests for the first time with a brand new appearance on May. These renovations were managed by the global interior group HBA, with designs inspired by Vera Wang's designs and Bentley Auto's style, transforming the space into a banquet hall with a highly refined air.


In the main banquet hall and the newly widened foyer, there will be a launch party with a “Modern Luxury” concept. The space is now available to host conventions, conferences, fashion shows, weddings and much more, using the most cutting edge video and audio equipment to customize any gathering to a client’s specific needs. In addition, the newly purchased top of the line cutlery offers a polished and refined table setting, enhancing the elegance of any event.


The overall area is 712㎡, with the ceiling at 5.4m. It is capable of hosting up to 500 people. Located in between Gangnam and Gangbuk (the part of Seoul north of the Han River), the hotel is very convenient to find and has plenty of parking space.


In the Grand Ballroom, we’ve selected “Candlelight” as the main concept for a stylish wedding, conveying the message of a wedding’s blessings. We’ve decorated the area behind the officiator with 150 candles to produce a feeling that is grand, yet still warm and personal. The table setting has a brown cloth with white chinaware and silverware, creating a feeling that is simple yet elegant. A centerpiece of flowers and candles further enhance the Candlelight concept.