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About SCB

Seoul Convention Bureau (SCB)

서울관광재단 단체사진

seoul your complete convention city
  • As a division of STO, Seoul Convention Bureau is dedicated to promoting Seoul as the best MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions)destination in partnership with local and international MICE industry.
  • SCB is actively participating in overseas exhibitions and conferences (on/offline) to promote Seoul’s excellent MICE infrastructure.
  • In order to nurture the MICE industry of Seoul and reinforce its competitiveness to host global events, SCB supports various programs for hosting and organizing MICE.
  • Assist Hosting & Organizing MICE
    Support International Meetings (Bidding, Promoting, Hosting)
    Support Corporate Meetings & Incentives(Promoting, Hosting)
    Support Domestic/ International Exhibition
    Virtual Seoul MICE World/ Seoul Promotional Booth
    Comprehensive Support Service for International Meetings
    (1:1 bidding clinic, Site inspection, etc)
  • International MICE Promotion
    Attend international MICE exhibitions and hold seminars
    MICE online marketing to attract overseas events
    Manage MICE SEOUL website
    MICE media FAM tour
    Advertise on international MICE magazines
  • Seoul MICE Alliance(SMA)
    Operate Seoul MICE Alliance
    Strengthen international MICE partnership and provide networking at home and abroad
    Hold Seoul MICE on annually
    Hold SMA Networking Workshop
  • Educate Global MICE Specialists
    Operation of Global MICE Specialists
    (Supporters, Talent Pool, MICE Social Marketer)
    Run Seoul MICE Talent Pool
    Run Seoul MICE supporters