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Corporate Meeting Incentives
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Corporate Meetings ‧ Incentives

Seoul actively supports and provides incentives for business events held in Seoul.


  • Over 20 foreign attendants

  • More than 2 consecutive
    nights in Seoul

  • More than 2 service usage from SMA members (one PAID service required)

Download MICE Support Brochure

Please submit your application not later than one month from the start date of the event.

  • Only the Korean local organizing committee, related Korean organization, local PCO or DMC is allowed to apply via SCB website
  • After results reports and expense documents are submitted, grants will be paid directly to the vendors (e.g.: restaurants or car rental companies)
  • Support program may end when the budget runs out

  • Customized Experience Support


    Group Size


    Support for all


    (More than 20)

    Seoul Welcome Kit

    ( Special souvenir and  PLUS SEOUL Premium benefits*)

    Support according to group size

    ( Choice of 2 )


    (50 - 199)

    1) Corporate logo cookie or dessert

    2) Ice carving sculpture

    3) Attraction admission

       (Choose from pre-arranged SMA members in the Entertainment category)


    (200 - 499)

    1) Seoul Customized Welcome Drink

    2) Eye-catching performance customized with corporate story

    3) Authentic local experience program (ex: trying traditional Korean clothing, cooking K-food, learning K-Dance and more)


    (500 - 1,499)

    1) Corporate logo bus wrapping

    2) Instant Photo-printing Booth

    3) IT Services (ex: AI Robot rental for assisting ceremonies/event, developing event app)


    (More than 1,500)

    1) Food Truck (catering service for snack)

    2) Snap Video production

    3) Group photo taken by a drone

  • Choice of 2 supports are specially applied to participants coming to Seoul in 2020. (Seoul Welcome Kit + 2 supports of choices)
  • Duplicated application is possible with KTO but not duplicate supports.
    (ex: Attraction admission support for one company from both KTO and STO is NOT allowed. Receiving the supports from both for 2 different companies will be authorized.)


  • Seoul Welcome Kit Special souvenirs & PLUS SEOUL PREMIUMS Learn More

Special Consideration

  • ※ Support Upgrade
  • - Groups from Europe, Middle East Region, India, Oceania are eligible to receive upgrade. (ex: If the group of 20 participants come from Europe, it’d be eligible to make choices from the supports in the category B.)
  • ※ Additional Support
  • 1) For the returning group (within 3 years)
  • 2) For the group holding official luncheon or dinner at SMA Unique Venue members
  • 3) For the group having accommodations of all participants at 4-star hotels (or above), or having over 4 consecutive night itinerary in Seoul (limited for groups from Asia regions only)
  • 4) For the group resuming the events to be hosted in 2020 which was submitted for the supports ahead

How to Apply

  •  Application for a financial support must be made via the SCB’s official website. 
  •  As all forms must be completed in Korean, only the Korean local organizing committee, related organization, local PCO or DMC is allowed to apply for the process. 
  •  Please contact the SCB at least 1 months prior to the event begins.

Application and support process

  • 01


    (At least one month
    prior to the start date)

    on-line application

  • 02


    Approval notified based
    on the SMG support standards

  • 03

    Notification of the
    approval status

    (Within one weeks from

    E-mail notification on the
    approval status and support

  • 04

    Event execution

    Event execution and
    preparation of supporting

  • 05

    Online submission
    of results reports

    Within three weeks
    after event completion

  • 06

    Final decision issued
    on support and
    grant amounts after review
    of results reports

    Final decision to be
    notified through email

  • 07

    In-kind support

    (paid directly to the vendor)

    Payments within
    one month after notification

Withdraw or Reduction/Refund of Support

  • When false information is found in submitted application, the support will be reassessed.
  • Not submitting follow-up documents required for the support to be released.
  • When the required condition (for example, exposure the logo of Seoul Metropolitan Government on pictures) is not met, the support will be reassessed.
  • When logos are used for purposes not pre-approved by Seoul Convention Bureau, the support will be reassessed.
  • When the submitted program turn out to be general tours, the support offered for corporate meetings and/or incentive tours needs to be refunded.
  • The hosting organization has caused any public dispute conflicting with SCB’s public message, the support will be reassessed or requested to be repaid back to SCB at any stage.


  • Financial support recipients agree to credit Seoul City for sponsorship, and also adhere to guidelines regarding publicity of the Seoul City logo.
    Organizer must pay for expenses first, and will receive financial support upon conclusion of the event and submission of the required post-event documents.

Contact Information

    • Corporate Meetings ‧ Incentives
    • TEL : 82-2-3788-0849(​ Bidding ), 8143(​ Hosting )
    • E-Mail :
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