Reasons to Choose Seoul
WHY SEOUL Reasons to Choose Seoul

Reasons to Choose Seoul

Reasons why you should choose Seoul as your MICE destination.

  • Global Business
    Event Destination
  • Sustainable
    MICE City
  • Grounded MICE
  • Hybrid ·
    Tech City
  • Diversity &
    Inclusion City
  • Convenient &
    Safe City

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Global Business
Event Destination

  • Ranked 2nd among UIA host cities (2021)
  • Ranked 13th among ICCA host cities (2021)
  • Awarded Best MICE City for 8 consecutive years, Global Traveler Awards (2015-2022)
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  • Purses invigoration of tourism industry ecosystem through mutual growth with 334 Seoul MICE Alliance members
  • Broadens local alliances with SMA members and other RTOs to create synergy in marketing activities
  • Maintains global cooperation through ACA (Asian Convention Alliance) and HCA (Hybrid City Alliance)
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MICE Infrastructure

  • Recognition of Incheon Int’l Airport as No.1 in Airport Service Quality for 12 consecutive years (Operations to 126 cities in 48 countries (as of 2022))
  • Operation of 76 unique venues in Seoul available for various business events (as of 2022)
  • Operation of 444 hotels with 58,588 rooms available throughout Seoul (as of 2019)
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Hybrid -
Tech City

  • Supports to hold online events on a virtual event platform, Virtual Seoul 2.0
  • Provides realistic & experiential site inspection through 360 VR videos, Virtual Seoul Tour
  • Korea, commercializes world's first 5G network (2019)
  • Awarded IDC Award for Digital Resilience
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Diversity &

  • Provides barrier-free travel support services with Seoul Danurim Tour
  • Offers “50 Vegetarian Restaurants” from 948 locations in Seoul (※ Source: Seoul Vegetarian Guidebook(2021), 50 Plant-based Restaurants (2022))
  • Provides “70 Seoul Wellness Spots” for healing and meditation experiences
  • Operates Seoul Medical Tourism program with 13 world-class general hospitals facilitated with state-of-the-art technology
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Convenient & Safe

  • Earned 94% satisfaction rate among overseas tourists with travel experience in Seoul (based on Korea Tourism Organization's survey of overseas tourists in 2019)
  • Recognized as 8th safest city in the world (based on "The Safe Cities Index 2019" released by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU))
  • Supports safe event operation for event organizers and participants through Seoul Safety Support program
  • Enhances convenience with a rechargeable prepaid transportation card (T-money Card)