Virtual PR Booth MICE WORLD

It is a virtual PR booth where the participants of online or hybrid events can learn about and explore the city of Seoul,
the virtual venue for the events.

You can create a more colorful and impressive virtual meeting space by adding to the existing virtual meeting platform
a virtual Seoul PR booth where eventgoers can experience a variety of contents and promotions.

What  features does MICE WORLD offer?

MICE WORLD provides participants with an opportunity to experience various contents and promotions about Seoul,
and organizers with an opportunity to build a more versatile online platform through customization.
  • Event-specific customization
    • Embed logos and videos of host organizations and events in the platform
    • Provide content for promotion and access for target participants such as website links, QR codes, and promotional videos
  • Provide information related to tourism and MICE
    • Seoul MICE promotional brochure downloads and promotional video screening
    • Provide information on tourism and MICE and promotional content
    • Handle inquiries from visitors and accept consultation emails
  • Provide various 360 VR contents
    • Virtual tour of Seoul through 360 VR video content
    • Provide 360 VR video contents linked to other cities
  • Operate fun and entertaining events
    • Writing one’s name in the Korean alphabet Hangul
    • Personalized tourism course depending on MBTI personality type and creation of information QR codes
    • QR codes for PLUS SEOUL Premiums
    • Issuance of PLUS SEOUL membership card and individual image download
    • Online group photo shoot for each event and delivery of photos after the event
  • Provide experiential content for the virtual tour of Seoul
    • Let participants experience Seoul’s attractions through videos
    • Offer video contents such as Virtual Tour, Scenery, and Challenge: The Dinner Table

How to use MICE WORLD

  1. 01
    Apply for MICE WORLD support
  2. 02
    Request content modification
  3. 03
    Receive the promotional booth URL for each event
  4. 04
    Add the completed PR booth to the event website
Contact Information
    • Request for MICE WORLD
    • Email: vsp@sto.or.kr