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SCB Newsletter :January2020-01 Vol.201912
Herbalife Incentive Tour group came to Seoul captured all the special memories in a video clip

Memories of Seoul well preserved in snap videos of the 1,500 participants inspired by various tour programs

Authentic Experience Spices up the Team Spirit in Seoul

Experiential team building programs in Seoul that offer unique experience to MICE participants of different preferences

MICE & COMPANY, the PCO run by MICE experts

An interview with CEO Bae Deuk Sung who is heading up MICE & COMPANY that earned recognition at home and abroad

Global Tour, the company that began to write the history of Korea’s travel industry

An interview with Director Kim Kook Sung of Global Tour, Korea’s first private travel agency, who talked about the road Sebang has traveled

PLUS SEOUL Pushes Trend for Plus-Sized Int’l Events in Seoul

PLUS SEOUL’s customized support that helped MICE participants to have more valuable and memorable experience in Seoul

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