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SCB Newsletter :May2020-05 Vol.202005
[Case Study] BIO KOREA 2020 goes to virtual

The first international conference in Korea holding five programs simultaneously, Offering e-Conference like no other

[MICE Trend] COVID-19 Accelerates the Shift Towards a Hybrid MICE Industry

The MICE Sector Going Hybrid in Physical in Virtual Environments, COVID-19 Accelerates the Shift Towards a Hybrid MICE Industry

[Case Study] Conventions may reduce in size but not in importance, The MICE industry after COVID-19

On the 27th and 28th of last month, an online PSA was held with Indonesian buyers hosted by the KITA.

[SMA Insider] IT brings people ‘closer’ to each other

We’ve met xSync CEO Song Bo-geun who championed the importance of ‘face-to-face interactions’ even with the progress of meeting technology.

[SCB News] Get free legal, labor, and tax consulting at Seoul Mice Center

No events, no profits? Ask the Seoul Tourism Organization’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Center.

[SCB News] Standing Strong Together with Alliance

The Seoul Convention Bureau is constantly organizing the ways to continue the firm partnership in Seoul’s MICE industry.

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