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SCB Newsletter :April2021-04 Vol.210429
[CASE STUDY] The possibilities of 'academic conferences in hybrid format' demonstrated by GBCC10

'The 10th Global Breast Cancer Conference (GBCC10) was held at Grand Walkerhill Seoul from April 8th to 10th.

[SMA INSIDER] Fairmont Ambassador Seoul, a hotel in crisis, finding an exit strategy in the local community

In the hotel industry faced with the seemingly never-ending COVID-19 slump, one hotel stands out by announcing a head-on approach with unabashed ‘awe-inspiring luxury.’

[SMA INSIDER] CEO of Roovook, a hotel is more than just accommodation. It is actually a large 'event space'

Roovook launched Korea's first 'Booking Platform for Hotel Event Halls' in 2019 and moved the event venue booking market online, saving the trouble of calling every potential venue for an inquiry.

[SCB NEWS] Seoul invites MICE attendees to a metaverse for simulating teambuilding games

The Seoul Convention Bureau has launched a virtual teambuilding program, the Virtual Seoul Playground in the line of transforming the attractions of Seoul’s MICE industry into digital means following the Virtual Seoul platform and the Seoul MICE World which, a meeting-hosting platform and a promotional booth.

[SCB NEWS] Seoul Convention Bureau accumulates strengths with new alliances

The Seoul Convention Bureau has established an international alliance as it was the first Asian bureau to join the Hybrid City Alliance.

[MICE TREND] 'Technology innovation' continues amid the growing anticipation of 'face-to-face' exhibition

Increased expectation of possible 'offline exhibitions' in June and September this year. COVID-19 confirmed the value of the 'face-to-face' events.

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