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SCB Newsletter :June2021-06 Vol.210629
[CASE STUDY] Global top-class online conference '2021 P4G Seoul Summit', held at DDP Seoul on the 30th~31st last month

Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030, was completed at Seoul's proud unique venue Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP) on the 31st of last month. The global MICE city Seoul earned the evaluation that it held a large-scale online event attended by country heads in a safe and sophisticated manner in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic, hence leaving another mark on the global MICE industry.

[SMA Insider] Top Planners, a small yet strong PCO that successfully broke through the fog of the COVID-19 pandemic… "We focused on today rather than tomorrow.”

“Looking back on the last year, it appears COVID-19 swept over the MICE industry that was about to grow. It seemed the wave of crisis continued without a break. But we were quick to respond starting from last March, the early stage of the corona outbreak."

[SCB News] Seoul Tourism Plaza opens to serve as a hub for Seoul's tourism sector.

'Seoul Tourism Plaza,' which encompasses all aspects of Seoul's tourism industry, opened on April 29th.

[SCB News] 'Already 10th anniversary?' SMA networking workshop

Seoul MICE Alliance(SMA) celebrated its 10th anniversary. About 40 SMA members participated. For the welcoming and rare face-to-face event, the number of participants was limited under the social distancing guideline, and thorough prior and on-site containment efforts were made.

[MICE Trend] Live commerce as part of the exhibition, admittedly establishing itself as the main trend in a year?

Real-time non-face-to-face shopping 'live commerce' is emerging as a breakthrough of the MICE industry amid the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic.

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