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SCB Newsletter :February2022-02 Vol.220215
[MICE TREND] How “MICE legacy” be changed in the hyper-connected, hybrid era

The MICE industry has long been described by media as a “high value-added industry that lays golden eggs”. Prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, the MICE industry was attentive on creating economic value by linking the conference, tourism, and exhibition industries to make local and global participants spend more. But we see massive changes taking place in the industry amid the pandemic.

[SMA Insider] Shin Hyundae, CEO of EXPORUM “MICE renaissance is coming soon… SMA must be united to complete “digital transformation”

A new Chief Director of SMA Shin Hyundae, CEO of EXPORUM, who has brought fresh wind to MICE, particularly in the exhibition field for a long time, said, “A paradigm shift to digital transformation is part of inevitable agenda in the post-pandemic era....

[SMA Insider] Jeon Jae-sik, CCO of “Space O” in Insa-dong, Seoul's Unique Venue entering the MICE market with “creative Korean food”

Seoul's Unique Venue, Space O defines its food as “creative Korean food” instead of fusion. When you go there and see, hear, and feel for yourself, you will instantly recognize what their creative variations are. We’ve sat down with Jeon Jae-sik, CCO of Space O, to see what newness he will bring to MICE with his creative Korean food.

[SCB News] Eighteen International Conferences Selected Seoul to be the Destination.

Seoul has successfully attracted 18 international conferences to be held in Seoul in 2021 including the World Congress of Neurology 2025 which expects 5,000 participants attending. Read more to find out what supports may contributed.

[SCB News] “Digital goods and luxury images” received most “likes” on Seoul’s social media channels

Which posts on Seoul’s tourism and MICE-related social media channels are getting most “likes”? In December 2021, we conducted a survey to understand the kind of content that makes people's hearts flutter.

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