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SCB Newsletter :April2022-04 Vol.220429
[MICE Trend] Where does the MICE industry stand in 2022?

While the pandemic taking over the world for more than two years, non-face-to-face economy and digital transformation have come into our daily life, which is also having a great impact on the MICE industry. In 2022, many cities, including Seoul, are preparing to return to daily life due to vaccination and a weak strain virus, and the countries are starting to open their borders.

[Case Study] Medical and pharmaceutical MICE events offering a window to various hybrid formats

There were several cases noticeable in the medical/pharmaceutical industry that providing the latest trends in hybrid MICE events as regular academic events and fairs were held using meeting technology even in the midst of a pandemic. Let’s take a closer look at them.

[SMA Insider] SMA Insider: Young Leaders of the PCO Division

The second quarter of 2022 is beginning, when large-scale face-to-face events that have been delayed are increasingly resumed. We conducted a short interview with young representatives from the PCO division of Seoul MICE Alliance, who have been responding to enormous changes over the past two years.

[SCB News] 2022 MICE Support from SEOUL

- Seoul promotes timely support, focusing on holding safe face-to-face events to recover the MICE industry - 2.7 billion won to support six areas including international conferences… - Free support for 3D virtual conference platform Virtual Seoul and promotion of 「Future Seoul MICE Contest」

[Luxury Tour] Inwangsan Mountain Trail

Seoul, dynamic and endlessly evolving, can both amaze and overwhelm. The frenetic pace of the city can leave many feeling drained and in need of reprieve. Thankfully, South Korea’s capital is bordered by a series of stunning mountains with plenty of well-preserved hiking trails for the intrepid spirit.

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