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SCB Newsletter :October2022-10 Vol.221019
[MICE Trend] ‘Some place in between memories and imaginations...’ Seoul Unique Venue and urban regeneration

Spaces reborn with 'urban regeneration' are still trending. Introducing ‘Oil Tank Culture Park’, which has always been in the spotlight, and ‘Théâtre des Lumières’, which has recently attracted the attention of residents for its dramatic change.

[SMA INSIDER] ‘Openbooth’ surpassing the limits of online MICE platform Interview - Heo Min-jae, CEO of Openbooth

Openbooth, a platform that allows anyone to open a booth and join events anywhere, has held numerous events successfully while paying heed to customers’ feedback.

[SCB News] Seoul Tourism Organization Ramps up “In-person Marketing”

STO is making an all-out effort for face-to-face marketing in preparation for the endemic phase expected to begin next year.

[SCB News] 2022 ‘SMA Site Inspection’ Workshop achieves ‘100 participation satisfaction’

The ‘SMA Site Inspection,’ an SMA networking workshop for the latter half, held on Sept 1 by STO, received positive responses from participating SMA members.

[SCB News] Opening Ceremony Successfully Held for the Seoul Hiking Tourism Center

The Seoul Hiking Tourism Center (Ui-dong, Gangbuk-gu) is officially open following the opening ceremony on Sept. 1.

[Luxury Tour] Korean Tea Therapy

At the Rakkojae Culture Lounge, located at "Aegahun," which was selected as Seoul Well Hanok, visitors can enter the sarangbang of the Joseon Dynasty to experience a delightful time drinking tea and appreciating tasteful art.

[CASE STUDY] World Knowledge Forum, Shaping the New Millennium with Knowledge

The World Knowledge Forum (WKF), “world's largest knowledge festival,” which was launched in 2000 with the beginning of the new millennium, marked its 23rd anniversary this year.

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