PLAYGROUND (Team Building)

Virtual Team building Game PLAYGROUND

Virtual Seoul Playground is an online game played with avatars in the metaverse Seoul.
Explore traditional Korean culture through an exciting tour on this 3D virtual Seoul as an
avatar while enjoy playing Yunnori, making Gimbap, and decorating a lantern with your teammates right now!


Learn how Virtual Seoul Playground can deliver great virtual team building experiences.
Games Features
For Event Planners


Making Gimbap
In the beautiful traditional architecture Changdeokgung Palace, you can play mini-games to collect ingredients for gimbap such as cooked rice, chopped vegetables, and seaweed sheets, with your teammates. Watch a Demo Video
You can play the traditional Korean board game Yunnori on Seoul city hall, using Seoul’s famous landmarks (Changdeokgung Place, Seoul Botanic Garden, DDP and Floating Islands) as pawns. Watch a Demo Video
Light your Seoul lantern
You can create a lantern with various symbols of Seoul like N Seoul Tower. You collect items to decorate the lantern by solving a quiz about Seoul and launch it on the Hangang River with your wish written on it. Watch a Demo Video


  • Group-oriented
    A group of two to six participants can play the games simultaneously in teams.
  • Real-time chat
    Teammates can communicate real-time through voice, texts or Emojis during the games.
  • Social sharing
    Players can store screen shots of the game results with hashtags and share the image on social media.


  • Increase immersion and participation in virtual events through gamification*.
  • Extend event promotions and marketing effects
    on social media through sharing game photo with hashtags.
  • Improve teamwork through team building solutions promoting collaboration and competition among teammates.

Gamification : Gamification is adding game mechanics such as cooperation, competition and rewards into nongame environments to encourage problem solving, to attract interest or to effectively deliver information.

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