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74 [SCB News] “Digital goods and luxury images” received most “likes” on Seoul’s social media channels 2022-02-14
73 [MICE TREND] How “MICE legacy” be changed in the hyper-connected, hybrid era 2022-02-14
72 [Press Release] Eighteen International Conferences Selected Seoul to be the Destination. 2022-01-20
71 [SCB News] Celebrating the 10th anniversary, SMA pushes for “Sustainable Transformation ON, Seoul” 2021-12-14
70 [MICE Trend] Is “wellness” an effective strategy to relieve stress from COVID-19? 2021-12-14
69 [SCB News] Seoul Sets a New Bar with Virtual Seoul 2.0 2021-11-16
68 [SCB News] Seoul Grows into a Global Hybrid Destination 2021-11-02
67 [SCB News] How about a conference in hanok or a bookstore? … 18 new Unique Venues selected 2021-10-29
66 [SCB News] “STO” became the first public organization under Seoul Metropolitan Government to win the IDC 2021-10-28
65 [MICE Trend]​ Why is 'Alliance' garnering attention for the post-COVID era? 2021-10-28
64 [Press Release] Seoul MICE Business Day: Strengthening the Local Ecosystem 2021-09-23
63 [MICE Trend] 'Shall I or Shan't I?' Challenges of online advertisement and sponsorship for the MICE industry? 2021-08-31