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91 [SCB NEWS] 2022 ‘SMA Site Inspection’ achieves ‘100% participation satisfaction’ 2022-10-18
90 [SCB NEWS] Opening Ceremony Successfully Held for the Seoul Hiking Tourism Center 2022-10-18
89 [SCB NEWS] Seoul Tourism Organization Ramps up “In-person Marketing” 2022-10-14
88 [MICE Trend] "Come without baggage!" Peek into another face of Seoul... Seoul Hiking Tourism Review 2022-08-24
87 [SCB NEWS] ‘Have you ever seen a MICE conference with 90% seller and buyer satisfaction rate? ’2022 Seoul MICE Business Day held successfully 2022-08-23
86 [SCB NEWS] Seoul Tourism Organization creating a bridge between MICE employers and job seekers 2022-08-23
85 [SCB NEWS] Seoul, “world’s second most prolific host” of international conferences in 2021 UIA’s “International Meeting Statistics Report” … Brussels ranked first and Tokyo third 2022-08-23
84 [MICE Trend] “From virtual to in-person”... Will MICE move toward the endemic era? 2022-06-30
83 [SCB News] In the endemic era, what does the MICE industry want? 2022 SMA Leaders Round Table held in May 2022-06-30
82 [SCB News] 2022 First-Half SMA Networking Workshop: Bursts of laughter despite a hectic schedule of visiting five venues in a single day 2022-06-30
81 [SCB News] 2022 Global MICE Expert Launch Ceremony: In the endemic era, cultivating future talent to become “stars of the MICE industry” 2022-06-29
80 [Press Release] Would you like to join Seoul to ignite a F2F meeting? 2022-05-27