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57 [MICE Trend] Live commerce as part of the exhibition, admittedly establishing itself as the main trend in a year? 2021-06-28
56 [SCB News] A New Tourism Hub Opened in Seoul 2021-06-18
55 [MICE Trend] 'Technology innovation' continues amid the growing anticipation of 'face-to-face' exhibition 2021-04-27
54 [Case Study] The possibilities of 'academic conferences in hybrid format' demonstrated by GBCC10 2021-04-27
53 [SCB News] Seoul Convention Bureau accumulates strengths with new alliances 2021-03-25
52 [SCB News] Seoul invites MICE attendees to a metaverse for simulating teambuilding games 2021-03-15
51 [MICE Trend] How will the MICE industry change in 2021? 2021-01-25
50 [Case Study] The Seoul Cafe Show demonstrated the potential of a hybrid exhibition 2021-01-25
49 [MICE Trend] VR·Hybrid·Web GL… ‘2020 MICE Applied with Online Services’ 2020-11-27
48 [Case Study] Peek into the UIA Roundtable in Seoul, presenting the ultimate platform for virtual meetings 2020-11-26
47 [SCB News] SEOUL MICE ON, the new name of SEOUL MICE WEEK, kick-started with the theme of “MICE Industry in the COVID-19 Era” 2020-11-25
46 [SCB News] Seoul Convention Bureau supports ‘going virtual’ of MICE events for the private sector 2020-11-25