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[SCB News] 2022 MICE Support from SEOUL


Seoul promotes timely support, focusing on holding safe face-to-face events to recover the MICE industry

2.7 billion won to support six areas including international conferences…

Free support for 3D virtual conference platform Virtual Seoul 2.0 and promotion of Future Seoul MICE Contest


The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Organization are planning to provide timely support for the recovery of the MICE industry in 2022 in line with the trend that is changing into the COVID-19 Endemic Era. While experiencing circumstances affected by COVID-19, the MICE industry shifted to focus on safety, use of digital technology, and hosting sustainable events. Reflecting this, Seoul ① Supports face-to-face or hybrid (on/offline) international conferences ② Selects and supports 34 exhibitions by 5 growth stages ③ Quarantine support for safe face-to-face events ④ “Special support for safe recovery” to enhance the satisfaction of international participants ⑤ 3D virtual conference platform “Virtual Seoul 2.0” support ⑥ Future Seoul MICE contest is planned.


① A maximum of KRW 200 million is provided for international conferences with more than 20% of participants attending on-site, and this can be used for high-tech usage fees, etc. In particular, unlike the previous year, PCO expenses are added to the support in order to promote the growth of the MICE industry, which has been stagnant due to COVID-19. Thus, the support forthe international conference invitation stage has been increased to a maximum of KRW 60 million to support the inviting of more international conferences.


In the case of exhibition support, amaximum of KRW 80 million is to be provided for a total of 34 exhibitions. Selected exhibitions will receive intensive consulting on information technology utilization methods and online marketing approaches to plan their own innovative exhibitions. Live streaming shopping operation during the exhibition period will be offered in addition.


In the Seoul MICE Safe Zone support, specialized disinfection services, quarantine gates, and quarantine products are provided at the MICE event venue.


Under the Specialized Safe Recovery support, Seoul experience-centered tour programs, Seoul VR experience booth, and Seoul Safety Care Service are provided for meetings with more than 50 oversea participants. This is aimed at enhancing the satisfaction of international participants who are visiting Seoul for the first time since the pandemic.


The use of the 3D virtual conference platform, Virtual Seoul 2.0 is provided free of charge considering the trend ofon-offline hybrid events using advanced technology will continue even after the pandemic. Additional usage dues such as setting a server fee are supported upto KWR 6 million.


The Future Seoul MICE Contest will receive proposals for innovative projects or events from tourism MICE-related companies in Seoul. The contest is in two fields, meeting technology and unique venue, and a total of KRW 400 million in support will be offered to the winners along with marketing and promotional consulting support.