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Unique Venues Open Doors of the MICE World to Seoulites


The Seoul Tourism Organization successfully completed co-marketing event, ‘Storytelling of Seoul’s Unique Venue’ with its Seoul MICE Alliance (SMA) members. Unique Venue literally means a unique space for special business events to be held in the MICE industry. There are about 60 Unique Venues registered as SMA to enhance Seoul’s MICE competitiveness. ELAND Cruise, JUST KPOP and Baesan were selected the unique Venues for the event to spread out their one-of-kind stories to the invited groups from various SNS channels.


ELAND Cruise, taking the full advantage of more than 30 years of cumulated know-hows, presented unforgettable time to the participants with the backdrop of beautiful Hangang River. Just as MICE participants visiting Seoul, Seoulites took pictures of the longest fountain on the bridge during the cruise ride after delightful food and drinks. It’s out of ordinary to join an event happening on cruise to anyone, even for the local citizens who are familiar with the river running across the city.

서울 유니크베뉴, 2,000명의 시민이 찾는 핫플레이스로 등극

JUST KPOP entertainment restaurant is the unique venue representing the city as the capital of where K-Pop’s born. Along with the variety of programs the venue has already, JUST KPOP restaurant prepared a special stage for the event which draw more than 2000 applications. The selected participants watched K-pop stars Sam Kim’s live performance on the stage, while enjoying the signature menus and the sleek designed space.

서울 유니크베뉴, 2,000명의 시민이 찾는 핫플레이스로 등극

While ELAND Cruise and JUST KPOP restaurant revealed the dynamic charm of the city, a gallery café Baesan opened its story to online influencers of being the treasure of Seongsu-dong where Seoul’s urban regeneration project took place. Once a warehouse building is now renovated and decorated to accommodate exhibitions by young artists. It is a great example of sustainable reborn to a cultural space for both local citizens and international visitors.

서울 유니크베뉴, 2,000명의 시민이 찾는 핫플레이스로 등극

The director of a division at Seoul Convention Bureau, Jihyun Kim expressed the importance of introducing Seoul’s Unique Venues to the local public. “This event is not only about promising the exclusive experience for the event participants. It’s also to promote the MICE industry to the local public as a means to build deeper understanding for the industry.” She also added, “we are very delighted to see the great volume of the applications. Unique Venues of Seoul has a lot to offer for both international and domestic visitors. With the citizen’s understanding of the MICE tourism, we believe the industry will gain the sustainability in business. We will keep promoting our Seoul MICE Alliance members to international MICE groups as well as local citizens.”