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[SCB News] Stand Strong Together, Seoul MICE Alliance (SMA) united in one voice


Stand Strong Together, Seoul MICE Alliance (SMA) united in one voice

Seoul Tourism Organization (STO) and SMA waged a joint online campaign

Publicized, in one voice, SMA’s preparations for the “post Covid-19 era”  

Global followers sent messages of hopes in some 800 postings

The Seoul Tourism Organization (President Rhee, Jae-sung) waged an online campaign under the slogan of “Stand Strong Together” along with Seoul MICE Alliance (SMA). This joint campaign was organized with an aim to publicize SMA members poised for a rebound in the “post Covid-19 era” to MICE professionals and the general public. The campaign was carried out for a month between April 28 and May 22 as part of the effort to proactively cope with the coronavirus pandemic and was joined by 40 SMA members.

SMA members posted images with the campaign slogan “#Stand_Strong_Together” on their corporate pages on Instagram, Facebook and other social media channels. By presenting the images of executing quarantine procedures at the venue viewers and other members could share the experience and strengthen in encouragement to move forward to post-COVID era. The followers of the SMAs left many cheerful messages as they mentioned that they were impressed to see the concerted efforts and cooperation.  

Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas, Swiss Grand Hotel, N Seoul Tower, and Sky 31 Convention called attention to how they’ve made their venues quarantine-completed and prevented the spread of the virus.  E-venters made known their opening of Webinar service allowing customers to host an online event while participating in the campaign. SMA members of Entertainment category such as Chef, Fantastic, and Nanta operators uploaded the messages with their previous performances to encourage inner peace in people who are most likely weary with the pandemic. The content posted by SMA members received likes, shares and comments from about 200,000 people. About 1,000 social media followers from the globe left cheer up messages for posts uploaded by SMA members that are gearing up for a new start after going through hardships driven by the pandemic. 

(Attachment 1) Picture of joint marketing campaign with Seoul Convention Bureau 

Campaign video posted on Seoul Convention Bureau’s  social media channels <Click!>

Furthermore, Seoul Tourism Organization (STO) supported the campaign by producing two video clips illustrating the scenes of MICE events of Seoul and the city’s responses and recovering procedures in the situation related to the COVID-19. As a representative of the city in the MICE industry, STO uploaded the video clips portraying the efforts of SMAs in the midst of the global crisis on the official social media channels in promoting the city as a potential MICE destination in post-COVID-19 era. 

The first video introduces Seoul’s unique experiential tour programs in illustration, such as temple stay, kayaking, Hangang River cruise recommended for business travelers and delivers a message to the viewers to re-visit Seoul after the world overcomes the pandemic together. Along with the posting of the videos, the Seoul Tourism Organization carried out an event asking the followers to leave comments on “what do you want to do the most in Seoul as a business traveler?” The event was held for a week of May 22 to 29. The leading answer was “water sports and leisure activities”, cited by 71% of the event participants, which was followed by “visiting and experiencing Hanok including Gyeongbokgung Palace” (18%) and “temple stay” (6%). 

(Attachment 2) Video of Social Media Follower Event in June by Seoul Convention Bureau 

Illustrated video of people participating in a virtual exhibition through avatars <Click!>

The second video depicts the changes to the Seoul’s MICE industry in preparations for the post-coronavirus era. In the follower event held from June 5 to 12, followers watched the video and left comments on “New Normal Ideas”. The video was well received by the MICE industry representatives at home and abroad as one that well captured the image of the MICE industry in the New Normal era characterized by the use of advanced and zero-contact technologies, hybrid event hosting, and adherence to quarantine protocol.

(Attachment 3) Video of Social Media Follower Event in May by Seoul Convention Bureau Illustrated video <Click!>

Most frequently mentioned keywords for the New Normal era were growing of IT technology, stronger personal hygiene and quarantine measures and compliance, which indicated a paradigm shift in the MICE industry. One of the followers who participated in the event said, “If there is one thing that will not change in the post-coronavirus era, it would be the pursuit of solidarity with other people.” He emphasized, “SMA members and Seoul must “Stand Strong Together” to rise above the current crisis.” 

Kim, Jihyun, a director of MICE Planning Team at Seoul Tourism Organization said, “The joint campaign that we waged with SMA members along with the follower events offered us a great opportunity to come together and strengthen our sense of solidarity. For a rapid recovery of the MICE industry, we will continue to provide support in marketing efforts at home and abroad and enhance cooperation with SMA members to make Seoul’s MICE industry more competitive and flourish.”