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25 [SMA insider] What is the secret of the experience-based cooking class for foreigners that weathered the storm of the pandemic? Min-seon Kim, CEO of OME Cooking Lab [Interview] 2022-08-24
24 [SMA Insider] Sofitel Ambassador Seoul delivers the “authentic” French culture in the city of Seoul 2022-06-30
23 [SMA Insider] Young Leaders in PCO division 2022-04-29
22 [SMA Insider] Jeon Jae-sik, CCO of “Space O” in Insa-dong, Seoul's Unique Venue entering the MICE market with “creative Korean food” 2022-02-14
21 [SMA Insider] Shin Hyundae, CEO of EXPORUM “MICE renaissance is coming soon… SMA must be united to complete “digital transformation” 2022-02-14
20 [SMA Insider] Great achievers in 2021 and new leaders to take SMA into 2022 2021-12-14
19 [SMA Insider] “heads of divisions” of SMA celebrating 10th anniversary interview ② 2021-10-29
18 [SMA Insider] “heads of divisions” of SMA celebrating 10th anniversary interview ① 2021-10-29
17 [SMA Insider] 'Voice Works'. Video subtitle startup takes the global stage by storm in just three years. Written interview with Sangheon Lee, CEO of VOITHRU 2021-08-31
16 [SMA Insider] Top Planners, a small yet strong PCO that successfully broke through the fog of the COVID-19 pandemic… "We focused on today rather than tomorrow.” 2021-06-28
15 [SMA Insider] Roovook_CEO of Roovook, a hotel is more than just accommodation. It is actually a large 'event space' 2021-04-27
14 [SMA Insider] Fairmont Ambassador Seoul_a hotel in crisis, finding an exit strategy in the local community 2021-04-27