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[SMA Insider] Relay Interview Ⅲ, CEO of EurasTech Corp., Seonyeong Lee, “We met our clients in person thanks to STO”


△ Image of 2022 Eurasia Academy lecture (provided by EurasTech Corp.)

· Global conflict following the pandemic 

· Coped with the crisis through digital transformation 

Despite continued challenges last year, Seoul MICE Alliance (SMA) members achieved synergy effects via joint marketing campaign. Environmental factors such as COVID-19 disrupted MICE industry, but Seoul Tourism Organization constantly organized SMA networking tables. Members shared hardship and vowed to turn things around through collaboration and cooperation. Continuing from the December edition, let's hear from SMA members on how collaboration helped them overcome crises.

EurasTech Corp., a MICE company established in May 2008 specializing in Eurasia, provides business services for Russia and the CIS region. It has substantiated its business areas from intermediation of technology trade to export consulting and business matching for companies in Korea and Eurasia. Here is our interview with Eurastech Corp., striving to overcome a twofold blow of the pandemic and the global conflict.

△ CEO Seon-yeong Lee of EurasTech Corp.

EurasTech Corp., a MICE company established in May 2008 and specializing in the Eurasia region, covers a wide range of business activities from intermediation of technology trade to export consulting and business matching for companies in Korea and Eurasia.

“We have been designated as a private technology trade entity by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. Few companies in Korea are engaged in technology trade with Russia. We need to hold meetings and interact with partner companies for technology trade, and we have organized these as MICE events.”

- The last 3 years must have been difficult for the company due to the pandemic, etc.

“At first, we were disconcerted when exhibitions, market exploration, technology exchanges were all cancelled with the outbreak of COVID-19. But thanks to continued demand for Korea-Eurasia business meetings, we replaced the scheduled events with online consulting sessions.”

- The STO organized a variety of in-person MICE events last year.

“As part of the STO's SMA support program, we took part in Seoul booth at 2022 IMEX Frankfurt held in May last year. We showcased EurasTech Corp.'s online service, "Wayin Platform" there and consulted with foreign companies that showed interest. It was a great opportunity for us to get customer feedback on the site and reflect it on our system.”

- How did SMA activities affect EurasTech Corp. during the pandemic?

“Through SMA activities, we realized that we were not the only one faced with the difficulties. We also learned that the STO provided various support to SMA to overcome crises. In short, I was impressed and heartened as an entrepreneur.”

- Did you attend in-person international exhibitions during the pandemic?

“We have not attended international exhibitions other than activities supported by the STO. However, from this year, we will take part in exhibitions, technology exchanges and export consulting to be held in Russia and Central Asia.”

- Do you have any advice for the STO for the year 2023?

“We are planning Russian companies' business tour to Korea next year. The size of the tour won't be huge with about 10 participating companies, but we focus on the fact that Russian businesses are visiting Korea for business cooperation despite difficult circumstances such as the war. We hope that STO will positively evaluate and support the tour.”

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