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[SMA Insider] MICE & COMPANY, the PCO run by MICE experts



Q. Tell us about MICE & COMPANY.

MICE & COMPANY was established by a group of people who had worked for the major PCOs. We were able to grow fast and gain recognition at home and abroad because our founding members are MICE experts who have expertise in planning and in execution of international conferences, inter-governmental multilateral conferences, large-scale international events. MICE & COMPANY can be described in short as a company led by an elite experts in the industry.

Q. Among the many international conferences and events you managed for the past four years, what was the most memorable event?

The most memorable event was the first large-scale event that we organized after the company was established, which was “The 12th World Congress on Computational Mechanics and The 6th Asia Pacific Congress on Computational Mechanics 2016“. We were able to bring 2,100 foreign visitors from 67 countries for the event as we created special programs where foreign visitors could prepare their own sections at the event. Among all the public sector events, “The 27th Congress of the International Society for Forensic Genetics“ was the most memorable event. It was hosted by the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office and as such we received very strict guidelines as to the plans and operation of the event. But, through meticulous management, we were able to execute the event successfully, meeting the stringent guidelines of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office.

Q. What is the essence of your team’s successful planning and management capabilities?

As I mentioned earlier, MICE & COMPANY was founded by the people who have long experience working in the PCO industry. The know-hows that we’ve accumulated through diverse experience underpins our strong planning and management capabilities. Adding to that is systems that enable employees to work efficiently and systematically. Many PCOs tend to do business without well-structured online, off-line structures and the decision-making systems. But, we have established standard business processes and systems to support efficient work flow. We are sharing our knowledge and opinions through these systems. This is essential because we are in the MICE industry where collaboration is crucial.


Q. A PCO covers a wide range of workloads from planning to PR, event venue organization and visitor management. Which area do you think is most important?

Every area is important. But, if I have to choose, I would choose “planning and financial management”. We have limited budget, time and resources for any event. You need to be able to manage those limited resources properly to make an event a success.

Q. What do you think are the strengths of Seoul as an event destination?

Seoul is a dynamic city embracing rich diversity. Traditions and modernity co-exist in Seoul and it has a distinctive political element as the only divided country in the world. Such diversity is what makes foreign tourists curious about Seoul, thinking “What would Seoul be like?” and wanting to visit Seoul.

Q. What does MICE & COMPANY mean to you?

That is the hardest question. MICE & COMPANY is a “road untraveled” to me. It gives me hope and fear about the future at the same time. It may sound ironic, but when I say “fear”, it is not something negative. It actually is a positive thing because “fear” makes me move forward.

CEO Bae is heading for the US in mid-January for a corporate workshop with his team members who he called the “elite expert group”. With a smile, CEO Bae told us that MICE & COMPANY hosts an overseas workshop every year to give opportunities for their team members to broaden their horizon and boost their pride and energy. With the interview with CEO Bae, we could recognize a quality of a competent leader in his remarks and allowed us to look forward to what his company would bring to MICE industry in Seoul.

We were able to sense the direction where the MICE industry should be headed from his remarks,

“we need industry-wide exchanges and knowledge sharing to cope with the changes of the world”.