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MICE Service

Erencom The MICE

  • #801, Samhwan Digital Venture Tower, 52, Achasan-ro 15-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
  • +82-2-466-7051


Erencom The MICE Co., is the best MICE system planner group in Korea. For the past 20 years, Erencom The MICE has been presenting strong presence at the historical moments in the Korean MICE industry. Extensive experience and know-hows accumulated over the years are the most valuable assets of Erencom The MICE. Erencom The MICE designs and operates equipment to ensure that the video, sound, lighting, broadcasting, and interpretation used at MICE events are in their best possible condition. With a basis in ICT, it provides key solutions such as RFID access controls, unattended registration, session management, and e-posters. In addition, the company has developed and operated a teleconference platform and a live streaming platform to adapt to the era plagued by COVID-19, thereby preparing to fully launch the hybrid conference platform. Erencom The MICE will always stay on top of the trends and be fully dedicated to the aesthetic combination of people, technology, and equipment. A small difference leads to a masterpiece. Erencom The Mice will warm your heart!


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