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Hotel Show 2020 held on July 14~16 at COEX

Hotel Show 2020 held on July 14~16 at COEX 
2020-12-18 14:29

Thermal imaging cameras, also working as a time logger powered by face recognition sensors 

Smart dispensers spraying hand sanitizer and space disinfectant 

Participants showed “keen interest” in the exhibition, visiting every booth 

“Quarantine Show” to be held as a separate event at the Hotel Show scheduled for coming October 

Hotels have been hit hard by the rise of the “zero-contact” era triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. They have been affected by a rapid decline in flow and by people’s reluctance to stay indoors for a long period of time. As the virus spread is slowing, hotels are poised to transform themselves to cope with the pandemic. They set out to make preparations to offer superior accommodation services while ensuring safety as well as convenience for their customers in rooms, restaurants and other amenities. HOTEL SHOW 2020 was a great opportunity for the stakeholders and professionals on field to check out the latest trend and products for hotels. 

HOTEL SHOW 2020 was held on July 14~16 at COEX in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, featuring 200 booths installed by about 100 vendors. The highlight of the show was “Special Exhibition for Quarantine Equipment” held along with exhibitions for traditional hotel supplies and equipment. The special exhibition showcased a wide array of quarantine products which included quarantine supplies and equipment, body temperature scanners, entry control systems, quarantine systems, face masks, hand sanitizers and more., etc. 

A variety of products on display caught the interest of hoteliers. Thermal imaging cameras measure the body temperature of tens of people simultaneously and the fever scanners go beyond simple the checking of the body temperature. They also recognize faces, enabling them to work as a time logger for office workers. Along with advanced gate systems providing quarantine and security at the same time, many other products such as hand sanitizer dispensers, space disinfectant dispensers, anti-virus masks, and plasma mist for the skin were showcased in the booths. The hoteliers and other attendees showed a different pattern of exploring the exhibits this year. They visited more booths, listened to the details through product presentations and tried out the products as well showing thorough interest in the products and services in overall whereas used to focus on the particular interest of own in the past. 

There was a company showcased herb-based anti-virus materials such as amenity sets comprised of wet tissue, hand sanitizer and hand wash in different sizes and anti-virus pads for doorknobs, remote controls, and telephones. These anti-virus products cover the entire area where the hotel guests move around from the door of the room to the bathroom. A representative from the company said, “Many hotel representatives showed greater interest in our products than we had expected. Higher level of interest in hotel quarantine products in the midst of the pandemic was palpable.”

Another company introduced the masks generating low electric micro current that inactivates coronavirus had drawn much attention from potential buyers. The company deployed nano-fusing wire technology using silver and copper to create triboelectricity on the fabric of the mask. The mask was developed based on the research result stating that low electric micro current can destabilizes coronavirus particles so that they are unable to infect body cells. Other body and space sterilization companies introduced various eco-friendly quarantine equipment using plasma instead of disinfectant. 

On top of quarantine equipment, room supplies, linen products, amenities, food & beverage, catering, hotel furniture and interior and related services were on display in the Hotel Show. On the sidelines of the main event, “Hotel Industry Conference” and “Building and Interior Special Exhibition” were held simultaneously. These events offered a great opportunity to hospitality industry professionals to find out the industry trend they have lost the track of amid the pandemic. 

COEX and participating companies “cross disinfected” the booths

Safety and quarantine for “multi-purpose facilities” was highlighted.

Quarantine was conducted for the Hotel Show 2020 even more thoroughly given that a special exhibition for quarantine equipment is held on the sidelines. When the exhibition is closed for the day, COEX quarantine team disinfected the entire venue. And the next day before the exhibition is open to the public, participating companies disinfected their registration desks and booths one more time. Anyone not wearing a mask was rejected for the access to the exhibition site and all attendees were required to pass through a fever scanner and have disinfectant sprayed on the entire body at each entrance. 

An official from the Hotel Show said, “As a systematic management of quarantine process at lodging and hospitality facilities is increasingly important due to the pandemic, putting the safe quarantine measures in place has become the most significant topic in the industry. Interest in hotel quarantine is higher than ever as many hotels in popular tourist regions as well as the hotels in Seoul are expecting to receive many local guests this year.” He added, “A quarantine system is becoming crucial fundamentals not only in hotels, but also in other public and multi-purpose facilities such as cafes, restaurants, buffet restaurants, churches, movie theaters, large supermarkets, and convention centers.” The organizer of the Hotel Show 2020 is planning to host “Quarantine Show (tentative name)” as a separate event along with the Hotel Show scheduled for October in response to high interest in quarantine equipment from the various indoor facility operators.


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