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Indonesia ManuLife Incentive Tour

Just 4 days are enough to be immersed in the beauty of Seoul 
2019-04-20 00:00
Incentive tour, customized with Seoul City’s
PLUS SEOUL program

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From April 9th to 12th, 269 employees of Indonesia ManuLife visited Seoul in an incentive trip.

They had an opportunity to experience a unique aspect of Seoul, which was a mixture of modern landmarks and traditional cultures. The most invigorating experience for them was the gala dinner held in the Floating Island.

The Floating Island captured their mind with its unique place on the Han River as well as its colorful lightings. The City of Seoul did not just provide tour cars but also customized support for them to have an experience they’ll never forget.

The 'PLUS SEOUL' program, which implies successful business on top of memorable experience, suggests a special program tailored to the tour group. The tour was intended to boost staff morale and enhance teamwork. So Seoul City prepared an art show, ‘The Painters Hero’, only for ManuLife staff. The show was performed during the gala dinner.

The staff couldn’t take their eyes off the show for a single moment as the 4 Painters Hero actors were drawing pictures while dancing. At the climax of the show where the company logo of ManuLife was dramatically displayed two times, the audience gave a thundering shout and applause. The show was performed only for ManuLife staff and this left a long-lasting reverberation in their minds.

Novita Rumngangun, Director & Chief Marketing Officer of ManuLife, was also delighted by the tour, saying “I’ve been to more than 100 incentive trips with my colleagues around the world, but never saw the reaction as hot as this one,” and “it was a really invigorating experience for the staff to see the charming city and it was all thanks to the support of Seoul City”.

In addition, Seoul City also prepared cookies made in the image of the ManuLife company logo as a present for the staff. They were very satisfied with the small but considerate gesture, and said they felt they were really welcomed by Seoul City and this made their tour more fulfilling as well as made them feel more proud of their company.


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