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  • 78, Seongsui-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
  • +82-2-6238-8130


Baesan is an industrial-style cafe and event space that opened in November 2017 by renovating a warehouse located on Seongsu-dong Handmade Shoe Street. This location has been the birthplace and center of the handmade shoe industry since 1980, but due to mass production of shoes, the small-scale shoe manufacturing industry declined and abandoned the industrial location. However, after Seoul designated Seoungsu-dong as an urban regeneration area, young artists began to settle in the industrial space. It has now become a trendy area of Seoul that has been refurbished into cafes, restaurants, and workshops. Baesan was built as a rice mill in the 1970s and turned into a warehouse in the 1990s. Exposed bricks, columns, high ceilings, and concrete interiors of the industrial structure of the past still exist here. Decorated with edgy artworks, Baesan is the perfect hip industrial-style event space for exhibitions and more.

Major Events

행사년도, 행사명을 보여주는 표
Year Title
2018 · Asia Cities Culture Forum
- · Tokyo Tourism Publicity Seminar by the Tokyo Tourism Agency
- · Samsung Electronics Galaxy Note9 Launching Show and Fan Meet
- · Nike Battle Force
- · Lotte Duty Free Halloween Event
- · Committee on Ageing Society and Population Policy Seminar


  • No. of Meeting Rooms
  • Max. Capacity (persons)
  • Largest Room Size(m²)

Meeting & Banquet Facilities

Indoor Space
시설명, 위치, 면적(㎡),높이(m),수용인원(명)을 보여주는 표
Name of Hall Location Size(m²) Ceiling
Capacity (persons) PT
Theater Classroom Banquet
A Hall 1F 149 9 60 60 -
B Hall 1F 396 9 250 250 200
C Hall 2F 205 9 100 100 100
C Hall Rooftop 2F 270 9 100 100 100
Outdoor Space
보유여부, 공간명, pt가능 여부, 케이터링 반입가능 여부, 행사용 사용, 야외공간 대체 가능공간 보유 정보를 보여주는 표
Possession Name PT
External Catering Availability Alternative Space
Roof Top
space :
Location :

Equipement & Service

  • Parking
    • Car: 3
  • Equipment
    • Tables70
    • Chairs200
    • audio equipment
    • podium
  • Cooking &Catering
    • Catering
    • Western
    • Cooking facilities
  • Language Service
    • English
  • On-site Facilities
  • Other Services
    • Equipment Rental Service
    • Screen


  • Tourist Attraction
    Seoul Children's Grand Park, Achasan
  • Shopping
    Hyundai Department Store
  • Hotel
    Hotel Riviera, Hotel InterContinental etc.


  • Bus
    1hour 50mins
  • Subway
    1hour 50mins
  • Car/Taxi
    1hour 20mins