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  • 172, Inwangsan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
  • +82-2-735-0206


The Forest Choso Chaekbang located on the slopes of Inwangsan was reborn as a complex cultural space for citizens by remodeling a building that was used as a police post of over 50 years.
Surrounded by forests, trees, and majestic rocks on all sides, it is in close contact with nature, and the open building is designed so that the sky can be seen from any location of the building.
The outdoor deck offers a cool view of Namsan Tower and downtown Seoul, making it a popular spot for seasonal scenery, sunsets, and night views.
The indoor space on the second floor has terraced seats and a flat space for small seminars and small stages.
It received the National Architectural Policy Chairperson Award at the 2020 Republic of Korea Public Architecture Awards.

Major Events

행사년도, 행사명을 보여주는 표
Year Title
2021 · Jongno, Lit up with Poetry - October, Whispering Poems at Night - Live Poetry Talk Show - Poet Park Jun & Musician Jeong Seung Hwan
2021 · Mother and Daughter's 21% Party - Zero Waste Party
2021 · The 5th Jongno Reading Books - Jongno Book Festival - So-il, Author of Speech
2022 · Daily Meditation Monthly Lesson 1 - Depression and Meditation - Professor Kang Do-hyung Speech
2022 · Art Historian Hwang Jeong-su Author's Special Lecture
2022 · Daily Meditation Monthly Lesson 2 - Insomnia and Meditation - Professor Kang Do-hyung, Department of Psychiatry, Speech
2022 · Meeting Jazz in Books - Ae-ryung Trio Concert


  • No. of Meeting Rooms
  • Max. Capacity (persons)
  • Largest Room Size(m²)

Meeting & Banquet Facilities

Indoor Space
시설명, 위치, 면적(㎡),높이(m),수용인원(명)을 보여주는 표
Name of Hall Location Size(m²) Ceiling
Capacity (persons) PT
Theater Classroom Banquet
cafe 1F 200 6 - - 20
cafe 2F 130 6 - - 30
Outdoor Space
보유여부, 공간명, pt가능 여부, 케이터링 반입가능 여부, 행사용 사용, 야외공간 대체 가능공간 보유 정보를 보여주는 표
Possession Name PT
External Catering Availability Alternative Space
1F, 2F Terrace / Garden
space :
Location :

Equipement & Service

  • Parking
    • Car: 10
  • Equipment
    • Tables30
    • Chairs120
    • Lighting Equipment
    • audio equipment
  • Cooking &Catering
    • Cooking facilities
  • Language Service
    • English
  • On-site Facilities
    • Café
  • Other Services
    • Tour Service
    • In-house Entertainment


  • Tourist Attraction
    Seochon Village, Inwangsan
  • Shopping
    NC Department Store, Hyundai Department Store
  • Hotel
    Swiss Grand Hotel Seoul, CS AVENUE Hotel


  • Bus
    1hour 30mins
  • Subway
    1hour 30mins
  • Car/Taxi
    1hour 30mins